Do To The Recent Covid-19 Pandemic, The Next "In Person" Mastermind Date Has Not Been Announced Yet. In The Mean Time, We Are Doing BONUS Online VIRTUAL MASTERMINDS Every 2-3 Months Until We Can Host In Person Masterminds Again!
By the time you finish reading this page, you'll know why half the tickets to the next Legendary Marketer Mastermind always sell out the first week they become available. However, while time still permits, I’d like to help you “get in” and experience the most epic weekend of your life...

From The Cluttered Desk Of David Sharpe

Dear Legendary Marketer,


Of course you've heard the news:

Legendary Marketer Masterminds are arguably the most epic and impactful "live experiences" in the online marketing industry...

Because they're intimate. They're hosted at insane mansions that will expand your dream board vs. claustrophobic hotel conference rooms.

And because when we gather in one room together it’s like there’s a magical power that guides the direction of what happens and attendees all get exactly what they came for (if you’ve been to a mastermind you know what I’m talking about).

I’m actually sitting here writing this letter, and as usual, over half the tickets are already spoken for.

They were snatched up the first week we made them available.

So this isn’t your normal “salesy” sales letter.

I really don’t have to sell at all.

As a matter of fact, by the time you read this, 
all of the mastermind tickets may be very close 
to being completely SOLD OUT.

It happens like that all the time here at Legendary. 

Every call we do, every webinar we do, every product we release... they all SELL OUT or FILL UP so fast hundreds of people get locked out ... literally ... every time.

Just like what's happened at past masterminds, where we had a limited seats...

...and we had small (and angry) army of people submit support tickets and call our “not so corporate” office furious because they couldn’t get in.

We had no choice but to tell them all the same thing...

“If you want a ticket to our Mastermind you 
have to act fast... because they ALWAYS sell out 
fast and people end up getting locked out”

Like I said, it's not just our events. 

It’s our webinars, our calls... and everything we do.

I think everything we do sells out so fast because we are so just different here at Legendary.

In an world full of of snake-oil salesman and weirdos... 

We're honest (to a fault sometimes). We have integrity. And we actually give a damn. As you can see...

*Actual member comments & testimonials from our Facebook groups

The other obvious reason our masterminds are so exclusive, and people fight to get in them is because people started to realize that all the top and most successful marketers don't just hide behind their computers....

They actually attend masterminds. All of them

Here are some of the most successful marketers in the online marketing game seen at Legendary Marketer Masterminds...

Matt Heltzel

Having coached thousands of clients to results, Matt is the secret weapon for many of the top companys online, including Legendary Marketer.

Leah Getts

A top affiliate marketing powerhouse, Leah and her husband Todd have broke ranks and records in numerous companies and do it all while homeschooling their 2 children from their new home in Florida.

Nathan Lucas

Legendary Marketer's #1 super affiliate, Nathan is a wildly talented marketer, Youtube super-ninja, and recently retired from his full-time military job.

Mark Harbert

One of the most sincere and genuine marketers you'll meet, Mark is a top affiliate marketer, gifted teacher and mentor to thousands worldwide.

Andy Benson

A 25-year marketing vet, Andy has consulted for some of the biggest companies on the planet and by the age of 34 built his first multi-million dollar business in under 18 months.

Marc Hardgrove

A true "OG" in the game, Marc runs a 20m+ per year marketing agency and has been successful online just about longer than anyone we know.

Clayton Johnson

A webinar Jedi and advertising genius, he is one of the most talented and successful marketers you've never heard of.

Mike Buontempo

A young, up and coming marketing top gun, Mike runs a successful marketing agency that runs ads for some of the most successful gurus in the game.

Rod Allred

A young, smart, and scrappy marketer, Rod fired his boss and began living the laptop lifestyle and has never looked back. He's now become a mentor to thousands of marketers worldwide.

Jeff Uhrmacher

A digital nomad, Jeff and his family have created a true virtual lifestyle, living around the world while quietly raking in life-changing profits for him and his clients.

Elliot Hulse

Gym owner and online fitness badass, Elliot has amassed a following of millions of young men from all over the world to his Youtube channels and live events.

Natalie Critchley

She started from knowing nothing about online marketing, and in two short years, has become a mentor to many and expert sales funnel builder and strategist.

Jacob Caris

A breakthrough online marketing success story, Jacob has gone from a stressful career in finance to a world-traveling multiple 6-figure online marketer, in under one year.

Your Name Here?

Our most recent success story, [your name] broke through their past challenges and added an extra 6-figures to their income this year as a result of pursuing a new mission, with new mentors, inside a real mastermind.

There's an old saying that goes...

"If you're the smartest person in the room, you need a new room"

But 99% of people don't want to be around smart people because they feel threatened by them. Their insecurities take over. Fear dominates them and as a result they stay broke. 

These are the same people who look great on social media, but in reality they're broke, bitter, and out of control in their relationships and finances.

There's Something Very Different About Successful 
and Unsuccessful People

But you may not know it unless you spend time around them.

Which is why we want to extend a rare opportunity for you to come spend 3 days with us... 

Inside our epic mansion event center...

For a mastermind experience unlike any other...

That is sure to change everything for you.

So join us at our epic 25,000 square foot mansion event center to learn
online marketing secrets and strategies previously reserved only for those in the "inner circles" of the online marketing game

A Note From The Legendary 
Events Team:

"We are so excited for you to join us for the upcoming Mastermind at our spectacular event location that consists of a luxurious 25,000 sq. ft. 10-bedroom home.

We aim to make this the most amazing mastermind experience you could imagine. We specialize in creating transformative event spaces that blend excitement, engagement, entertainment, and empathy.

You can be assured we will challenge you to learn and grow while also being aware and respectful of your needs. Please know, that we will do everything within reason to make this the most amazing and comfortable business growth experience of your life."

"The ladies with the magic touch"
Erin Sharpe and Juli McDonough
Events and Operations Directors

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Mastermind take place?
At a private mansion located in a gated community inside of Reunion Resort in Reunion, FL. The exact address will be provided no sooner than 3 days prior to the event.
Why can’t you give me the address to the mastermind now?
Unfortunately, Reunion Resort does not provide us the exact address to the mansion until a few days before the event. So we will get it to you as soon as we have it!
What’s the closest airport?
Orlando International Airport – MCO. We do not provide airport shuttle service.
Where should I stay?
You have several choices for lodging! (Choice 1) Limited VIP room packages will be available for a 4-night stay at a rate of (to be determined) per person for single occupancy and (to be determined) per person for double occupancy. This includes a suite in mansion, meals, after hours ‘behind the scenes’ access with leadership and other guests. You can book this after you buy your mastermind ticket if they're still available. (Choice 2) Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 4050 Hotel Dr, Davenport, FL 33897. We will provide free shuttle service to and from the event for this hotel only. (Choice 3) Lodging and transportation of your choice.
Is there a schedule for the event?
Friday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
We will be providing lunch on site, daily.
After I buy a ticket – what else do I need to do to register?
Be sure you’ve completed the registration process that will provide us with info about your lodging, transportation and other needs. Completing this process will allow you to have the best experience possible! This will be sent you via email immediately after checkout.
Can I bring a guest?
If space allows, you can bring a guest for an additional $500. Lunch will provided each day for your guest, as well.
Can I hang out at the mansion after the event each day?
Our events are unique in that we provide a VIP experience where certain members will be lodging at the mansion for an additional cost. For that reason we ask that you return to your hotel each evening when the day is over. You will have plenty of time to network and take videos during breaks and on a Sunday afternoon, where we'll provide all afternoon for you to hangout.

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From The Legendary Marketer Mastermind...

*Actual member comments & testimonials from our Facebook groups

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